Why An iPad Is The Best Investment

This is a guest contribution from Kayla who writers part time and works from home on numerous businesses.

You may be umming and ahhring about whether to purchase an iPad or other tablet device. This year my husband and I had two separate holidays for a bucks and hens-this was the point when I really found my iPad was the best item to have on holidays.

Going on an aeroplane

Whilst more budget airlines are moving their transit routes to more international destinations, the lower price tag comes with lower conditions. When we were looking into flights to Thailand (which still is over 10 hours) the budget ones came with no entertainment. This could be purchased at extra cost which by the time you factored it in you might as well gone on the more expensive carriers. Alternatively you can use your iPad. Load it up with movies and TV shows which will get you through the trip.

Road Trip

When I was younger we used to load the card up every Christmas and travel to Surfers Paradise. This was ten-twelve gruelling hours as a young child. My parents constantly had to be turning around and yelling at my brother and I who would play up because we were bored. If your car is not fitted with those DVD players, again you can load it up for the kids to entertain themselves in the backseat.

Books, Books and more Books

I am an avid reader especially on holidays when I am lazing about. What happens though because I flick through a book every day I end up with a suitcase load of books. And I don’t like to throw them out so on one extended trip I shipped back a whole box-this equates to a very expensive pastime. Now when I am holidays I just download a whole heap onto my iPad. And whilst some you have to pay for (which generally are less expensive then buying in the shops) there is a wide collection of free books.


Have you ever spent your time waiting in a lobby for the one computer available to be on offer, only then to find you have to pay exorbitant amounts for 10 minutes of net surfing. Most hotels now offer either free wi-fi or a reasonably priced wi-fi package for your stay. This means you can use your iPad to connect in the comfort of your own room. It also is a lot more convenient then bringing along your laptop.


When we were in Amsterdam and fell sick from a late night booze binge we had to spend the whole day in the confines of our room. More importantly we had a whole day of watching weird Netherlands TV (all I can remember is a repetitive TV ad of a man hitting another man with a fry pan repeatedly saying “scnhell”-still not sure what that means). If you have your own entertainment loaded onto your iPad or access to unlimited Wi-fi you can escape the abnormalities of foreign tv.


Have you ever been away only to return home to a phone bill which has hundreds of dollars in international calls you made to friends and family? On one trip my husband’s phone bill was racked up to over $600. We avoided phone calls when he went away in the middle of the year and instead used face time. Not only was this nice because we could see each other on the screen but it was also free-all you need is Wi-fi.

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