How To Mass Delete Facebook Messages In One Click

Save time by using this wonderful work around to delete all of your previous Facebook messages in one click.

It will save you hours of time and delete all Facebook messages in one go.

So you want to delete all of your Facebook messages in one big hit. You wish to press a button, select ‘delete all’ and watch all of your Facebook messages disappear.

Sadly, there is no way to do this on Facebook. The good news however is there is a work around that will do this for you, instantly mass deleting all of your Facebook messages.

The problem with deleting one message at a time on Facebook

This method of deleting Facebook messages is super time consuming.

Currently, if you wish to delete a message, you need to go to when you are logged in and select the individual message to delete. Sometimes a single conversation can have hundreds of messages, meaning if you want to delete all messages from one person or many people – it can take you hours of time. In fact, it will take so long it isn’t actually worth it.

On top of this, many of the methods Facebook offer to delete the messages simply achieve them. This means the message isn’t in your Facebook inbox, but instead hidden deep in the archive, which is less than ideal if you have private messages you wish to permanently remove from your Facebook account.

How to delete every Facebook message instantly

So if the above method is too slow for you (it was for me) – I discovered a quick way to delete all of your Facebook messages in one click.

To do this, you are going to need the Google Chrome Internet Browser – you can download it here.

Once you install the browser, you will need to install the ‘Facebook Fast Delete Messages’ extension.

‘Extensions’ are like the iTunes app store but for Google, so many of the extensions/applications are very safe.

This will install the application and you will never see it again, unless when you want to delete messages on Facebook. Now I will show you how to delete all Facebook messages in one go.

Go to, login to your account and head back to your messages inbox ( if you are logged in). Once there, you will notice a small icon visible in the URL bar on the chrome browser, see the below screenshot:

Only click the icon once you are ready to delete your messages. Once you click the Facebook Message Delete icon, a process will start running that deletes every message that the page can see.

Go between your inbox, ‘other’ and any other message or alerts folders you have. Once you open the folder, click the button to delete all messages.

Hours of your time saved, Facebook messages deleted

I saved hours of my time doing this. I love little hacks like this as I can do things that are more important to me – like establishing my other businesses further and looking for ways to make money with my time.

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