How To Mass Delete Facebook Messages In One Click

Save time by using this wonderful work around to delete all of your previous Facebook messages in one click.

It will save you hours of time and delete all Facebook messages in one go.

So you want to delete all of your Facebook messages in one big hit. You wish to press a button, select ‘delete all’ and watch all of your Facebook messages disappear. Continue reading

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How To Break Your Digital Addiction

Fortune ran an article recently about how to escape digital slavery. I scoffed while reading. I’m no slave, thought I, as I skimmed through my iPhone emails. Slave? Ridiculous, I laughed as I flicked to facebook. I’m the master I chanted, as I texted several people I probably should have called or had coffee with. Here’s how to break the habit, should you be as hopeless as me when it comes to digital slavery.

Rediscover Face To Face

I used to work in an office, where I literally used to email the person sitting next to me. The thing is, it’s not productive. Our concentration span is broken, so we don’t work as effectively as misunderstandings or clarifications, that would take a second in real time, take light years in cyberspace. Limit your emailing to the absolutely imperative, and try and do things face to face. Have a coffee with someone to discuss your projects, get back to the time of the water cooler chat. Emailing someone to ask how their weekend was really isn’t going to do anything for the office vibe.

Save Yourself With Technology

I have little discipline, and I use technology to help me overcome that. Focus Booster limits my emailing time to 5 minutes every half an hour. Just download the little program, and it will give you a bell when your computer ‘free time’ comes up. According to the Fortune article, there’s a program called RescueTime which will break down where all your computer minutes go. Now that would be a scary read.

Put The IPhone Away

I do it too. I leave my iPhone on the table. Why do I do that? There is nothing, and I mean nothing, interesting enough to call me away from whatever conversation I’m having in real life. I check my Facebook while someone goes to the toilet. It’s a crutch for those of the short attention span, and those of us who are convinced everyone else is having a better time than we are. So why not start having a good time (or paying attention in that important meeting you’re having?) by keeping your iPhone out of line of sight.

Have Boundaries

As someone who is self-employed, I don’t really have much down time. Like, days off aren’t really something that figure high on the ol’ agenda. But I make my life so much harder by never switching off at all. I check my emails until my eyes close. I answer them at the pub (baaaaad idea) or while watching TV. Set some e-time, and some real time. Don’t check your emails over breakfast, or have a morning tea without any digital surroundings. Don’t have your devices next to your bed. One day, I’ll follow my own advice and I can guarentee my work life will be the better for it. And maybe my real life too.

Multitasking Slows You Down

Yep, you can juggle. Of course you can. But every thing you do is just a little less focused because of it. Fortune suggests having a maximum of five tabs open on your browser won’t limit you, but also won’t overwhelm you. I also suggest not getting push notifications from IM or Twitter. Take it one task at a time, give it your full attention, and you will do a better (and quicker) job.

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Gerry Harvey online GST debate for E-Commerce

Recently there has been a lot of controversy in the media about paying GST on E-Commerce purchases under $1000.

Gerry Harvey, owner of Hardly Normal Harvey Norman is an ambassador for the project, wanting orders online to be subject to GST no different to any other physical retail outlet. The reason he wants this to happen is in order to level the playing field he says in similar words.

Harvey Norman GST debate

All good Gerry, though there is just one catch – you know nothing about E-Commerce or why we (consumers) are flocking online.

It isn’t about dodging a mere 10% off the purchase price of our products – it is a raft of things and I think you need to understand the full picture to make better decisions on your stances.

Why do we shop online Mr Harvey?

For numerous reasons actually. All of which have nothing to do with GST.

Not to save 10%, but to save nearly 40-50%

I hear that Australian retailers enjoy margins above and beyond most developed countries. After working on a number of major E-Commerce projects in my previous role, I am assured this is not the case by the directors, however I still have my doubts.

Shopping online has nothing to do with GST saving. It has everything to do with the overall reduced price. Why buy a camera for $1000 when I could buy the same model for $400USD instead?

Even if the margins are not as good as people think they are for retailers, it probably indicates that shops need to find ways to streamline costs better to maximise those margins and pass the savings onto consumers.

E-Commerce is convenient, unlike many physical stores

Ever tried to buy a DVD, CD or Blu Ray in the lead up to Christmas at JB Hi-Fi? It is pure and utter chaos to say the least. Why would I spend 1 hour finding a car park to then be put into the bull pen of shoppers in Westfield? Instead I will use my time to do things I want to do, while one click ordering off Amazon with designated delivery dates.

Choice is a major factor

I often get quite excited by a new product purchase. I research it, compare it, hunt for it and often track down the exact specifications of what I need. Major shops tend not to have the choice or variety of products that I am after.

Brand new, dirt cheap and sitting on my doorstep

Shopping online guarantees a brand spanking new product, at a great price, delivered directly to my doorstep. A culmination of the above points all rolled into one.

My hopes for the future of commerce and online commerce

  • Product prices are reduced in physical stores
  • Australian retailers enter the E-Commerce market properly – no more rubbish attempts
  • Retailers stop hiding behind GST and face up to years of money making madness that has finally ended
  • I am a part of it. I want to have a retail E-Commerce play in the coming years, so time to get thinking AJ!
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Outsourcing Our Everyday Lives – Good Or Bad?

This is a guest contribution from Fran Sidoti, full time folk musician and part time writer.

An article in the weekend papers got me thinking. Writing about the increased levels of outsourcing we are accustomed to, I was shocked at thinking how much of our every day is given over to someone else in order for us to get on with our ‘every day’ lives. Often it’s to help us just get our work done, let alone spend some time with our loved ones. It appears to be a question of time or cost. So what effect does this new way of living have on our well-being and on our finances?

Types Of Outsourcing

Think you don’t outsource any of your life? Do you have someone come in and help with the cleaning? Use a personal trainer? Pay someone to walk your dogs? The age-old outsourcing is of course child-care, from the one night a month babysitting to the permanent nannies. And now the examples are becoming more widespread- the article talking of personal concierges, who are employed by the hour to do whatever it is you need done. Need your laundry picked up, or someone to find the perfect present for a 3 year olds birthday on the weekend? That’s what a personal concierge can do for you. And while I don’t pay any one for outsourcing, ask my Mum about the odd laundry drop-off and she’ll tell you all about my outsourcing techniques.

Why We Outsource

Outsourcing has been around for a long time among the wealthy. The recent change has been the normalcy of large levels of outsourcing in middle class families. The reasons are fairly obvious- with most families now being two-income, there is simply fewer homemakers that handle the admin of the every day. When you’re handling it, you realise how time consuming it is. The rise of single-parent families is another prevailing factor. The Sunday Mail article suggested that, while women could be working the same hours or as demanding a job as their partner, there’s still an implicit understanding that they will take up most of the daily task slack. A friend of mine made a good living just by doing handy man jobs- for elderly women or people who weren’t DIY inclined.

The Effects Of Outsourcing

Outsourcing can have a variety of effects, both macro and micro. The ‘care chain’ is an excellent example of the macro. For instance, a woman earns money by being a full-time nanny. Her children are then looked after by a relative or a friend, or she employs someone. And so the chain continues on, and extends globally. On a micro scale, the level of work being outsourced wasn’t affected by the GFC, mostly because people tended to work as hard if not harder at their jobs and still require all the assistance.

What It Might Mean For You And Your Finances

We all probably outsource our lives to a greater or lesser extent. The choice for us is time versus money. It’s a relatively simple decision if we are earning more money than we are spending when we outsource. It’s a more complicated decision if we are outsourcing in order to spend quality time with our loved ones, or have a bit of a relax. Outsourcing can be a lot of additional bills at the end of our month. So the decision is about how you would like to use your time, and whether you’re willing to spend money to get some extra of it.

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Why An iPad Is The Best Investment

This is a guest contribution from Kayla who writers part time and works from home on numerous businesses.

You may be umming and ahhring about whether to purchase an iPad or other tablet device. This year my husband and I had two separate holidays for a bucks and hens-this was the point when I really found my iPad was the best item to have on holidays.

Going on an aeroplane

Whilst more budget airlines are moving their transit routes to more international destinations, the lower price tag comes with lower conditions. When we were looking into flights to Thailand (which still is over 10 hours) the budget ones came with no entertainment. This could be purchased at extra cost which by the time you factored it in you might as well gone on the more expensive carriers. Alternatively you can use your iPad. Load it up with movies and TV shows which will get you through the trip.

Road Trip

When I was younger we used to load the card up every Christmas and travel to Surfers Paradise. This was ten-twelve gruelling hours as a young child. My parents constantly had to be turning around and yelling at my brother and I who would play up because we were bored. If your car is not fitted with those DVD players, again you can load it up for the kids to entertain themselves in the backseat.

Books, Books and more Books

I am an avid reader especially on holidays when I am lazing about. What happens though because I flick through a book every day I end up with a suitcase load of books. And I don’t like to throw them out so on one extended trip I shipped back a whole box-this equates to a very expensive pastime. Now when I am holidays I just download a whole heap onto my iPad. And whilst some you have to pay for (which generally are less expensive then buying in the shops) there is a wide collection of free books.


Have you ever spent your time waiting in a lobby for the one computer available to be on offer, only then to find you have to pay exorbitant amounts for 10 minutes of net surfing. Most hotels now offer either free wi-fi or a reasonably priced wi-fi package for your stay. This means you can use your iPad to connect in the comfort of your own room. It also is a lot more convenient then bringing along your laptop.


When we were in Amsterdam and fell sick from a late night booze binge we had to spend the whole day in the confines of our room. More importantly we had a whole day of watching weird Netherlands TV (all I can remember is a repetitive TV ad of a man hitting another man with a fry pan repeatedly saying “scnhell”-still not sure what that means). If you have your own entertainment loaded onto your iPad or access to unlimited Wi-fi you can escape the abnormalities of foreign tv.


Have you ever been away only to return home to a phone bill which has hundreds of dollars in international calls you made to friends and family? On one trip my husband’s phone bill was racked up to over $600. We avoided phone calls when he went away in the middle of the year and instead used face time. Not only was this nice because we could see each other on the screen but it was also free-all you need is Wi-fi.

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